Lynne Marsh
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Lynne Marsh

Lynne Marsh

Art Department Faculty member and Chair Lynne Marsh has a recent review of an exhibition at the University at Buffalo Art Galleries. The review can be found at Hyperallergic here.

Bringing together new and recent works by 17 international artists, I don’t know you like that: The Bodywork of Hospitality invites us to consider how hospitality has simultaneously defined and confined what we think bodies are, what we imagine they can do, how we feel they relate, whom we believe they can encounter, and ultimately, how they engage with each other and in the world.
Punctuating both floors of the gallery’s spaces, printed wallpaper wraps itself around 5 walls, highlighting architectural features of the space. The 5 Atlas_ works on view turn the raw image-data harvested for volumetric video capture—also called two-dimensional image maps or atlases—into wallpaper, an astute strategy that brings critical attention to the violence that is at the core of digital imaging: 3D asset construction flattens out and tear bodies into sections. 
Images credits:

Installation view of I don’t know you like that: The Bodywork of Hospitality, Center for the Arts Gallery, University at Buffalo Art Galleries. Left to right: Lynne Marsh, “Atlas_Jobel” (2021), digital print on wall paper, dimensions variable (courtesy the artist); Rodney McMillian, “Untitled (Entrails),” detail (2019–20), fabric, chicken wire, acrylic, meat hooks, and chain, 118 x 22.5 x 52.5 inches (courtesy the artist and Vielmetter Los Angeles); Lynne Marsh, “Atlas_Cecilia” (2021), digital print on wall paper, dimensions variable (courtesy the artist; image courtesy University at Buffalo Art Galleries; photo: Biff Henrich/IMG-INK)

“Atlas_Abriel” (2021) tile for wallpaper print