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Phyllis Gill Gallery

Phyllis Gill Gallery is an exciting space on the UCR campus for the display and discussion of student art.  The gallery’s principle mission is to provide a venue for undergraduate student exhibitions.  All forms of exhibition and performance are encouraged, including individual shows, class projects, screenings, multi-media events, collaborations and experiments.  Priority is given to students and shows generated from within the Art Department.

Phyllis Gill Gallery is located in room 245 on the 2nd floor of the Arts Building, just down the hall from the Art and Art History offices.

Application Process

Art Department policy regarding use of the Phyllis Gill Gallery:

Students, classes, and collaborative groups are encouraged to experiment with the process of installation, and to use the space as a venue for taking new risks with their work.  Students have the freedom to transform the space to best serve their exhibition.  However, the Phyllis Gill Gallery must be returned to its original condition upon completion of the exhibition, without exception. Students who do not return the space to its original condition will not be allowed any further exhibitions in the gallery.

UC Policy regarding events and receptions:

Please review UCR policy regarding events and receptions in the Phyllis Gill Gallery Guidelines.

2022/2023 Dates

Students should submit requests using the dates listed below. Requests will be canceled if they fall outside of listed exhibition slots. Exhibitions require approval and will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Fall Quarter 2022

Slot 1: September 23rd – October 6th – Anthony Zhang

Slot 2: October 7th – October 20th – Litzy Cruz

Slot 3: October 21st – November – 3rd – Ines Kivimaki

Slot 4: November 4th – November 17th – Brandon Bandy

Slot 5: November 18th – December 1st – Art 132 (Isermann)

Winter Quarter 2023

Slot 1: January 13th – January 26th – Gabriela Molina

Slot 2: January 27th – February 9th – Victoria Naser-Saravia

Slot 3: February 10th – February 23rd – Magan Madge

Slot 4: February 24th – March 9th – Sora Gallagher

Slot 5: March 10 – March 23rd – Art 132 (Won Ju Lim)

Spring Quarter 2023

Slot 1: April 7th – April 20th – Acacia Marable

Slot 2: April 21st – May 4th – Art Lab Tech Exhibition – Organized by Andrea Hidalgo

Slot 3: May 5th – May 18th – Art 125 (Isermann)

Slot 4: May 19th – June 1st – Joanna Sandoval

Slot 5: June 2nd – June 15th – Ben Berry

Application Form


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Name(s) First/Last*


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Today's Date*

Please describe the exhibition you wish to present in the Phyllis Gill Gallery. Be specific about material, size, and content of the work to be shown. Please indicate if your work will be interactive or include moving parts*

What safeguards do you have in place to protect viewers, if your work contains moving parts or any other potential hazards?*

Please list any additional technical equipment you’ll be using in the gallery. For example, video monitors, projectors, sound system, etc.*

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, opening receptions are not permitted in the gallery space and room capacity is set to the maximum number of people posted on the gallery door by environmental health and safety. Gallery protocol may be subject to change based on size of installation or ongoing updates to policy

Do you agree to adhere to COVID-19 gallery protocol at the time of exhibition?*

Previous Exhibitions

Phyllis Gill

The student gallery is named in honor of the ineffable, effervescent, loving and dedicated Phyllis Gill. Phyllis’ natural ability to nurture and organize the Department of Art made it possible to function, grow and thrive over three decades.  She joined the staff in 1973 following her graduation from UCR in English. Phyllis oversaw every aspect of an increasingly complex institution with energy, fresh roses, tireless commitment, and a finely honed wit — all in arguably the best wardrobe in Arts. Her heart and innumerable gifts were sincerely dedicated to the well-being and happiness of the faculty, staff, visitors and most importantly the students. This gallery is named as a token of thanks to someone who was the core of the department and whom we remember with great fondness since her retirement in 2006. We love her madly and owe much of the longevity, passion and health of our UCR community to her selfless and stellar legacy.