In The Sunshine
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In The Sunshine

In The Sunshine

In the Sunshine of Neglect: Defining Photographs and Radical Experiments in Inland Southern California, 1950 to the Present is a simultaneous two-part exhibition at UCR ARTS: California Museum of Photography and the Riverside Art Museum. Sunshine of Neglect is curated by CMP Senior Curator Douglas McCulloh and includes Professor John Divola (pictured above) and UCR MFA graduates Hannah Karsen, Mark McKnight, Alia Malley and Ryan Perez. Sunshine of Neglect opens Saturday, January 19 from 6pm to 9pm and runs through April 28, 2019. For more about this exhibition and its accompanying programs please follow the link below.


Mark McKnight, Spilled Paint and Cigarettes, 2018


Alia Malley, Riverside 03, 2009


Ryan Perez, I.E. Barbarians (Maloof Ave.), 2015

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