Winny Hoang
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Winny Hoang

Winny Hoang




the winny show episode two, 2021

a heart with arms legs and eyes has a white worm friend with no mouth and blue shining eyes the heart is suicidal and i play their love interest whom they hate my portrayal comes off misogynistic but i’m willing to play a useless woman to drive the plot forward however i’m not sure how i drove the plot forward anyways they are visited by a fairy in a pink bear costume they then travel to a village of apples the apples look like them as in they are red and round the heart tries to identify with the apples but the apples don’t really like them because they are prejudiced two of the apples decide to beat them up and they escape with their worm friend into a dark forest obviously now something bad happens this furry brown creature with eyes and legs decides to brutally attack the worm guy he has no choice but to die a tragic death because he has no arms or legs to fight back nor does he have a mouth to scream if he wanted to but we don’t know what he wanted because he is dead and i did not ask him the heart has a mexican standoff with the fur guy and they shoot him because the main character can’t die the fur guy bleeds out the blood is made of fur because it is the same material as him isn’t that clever also the puddle is heart shaped in reference to the person that killed him then the heart caresses the fur guy’s dead body because they are a good person but you decide if they are or not they just committed murder the last scene is of the fairy burning in hell because he is an idiot and responsible for the death of the worm and caused the chain of events that led to the heart becoming a murderer