Sharon Liu
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Sharon Liu

Sharon Liu




Hands On, 2021

This is a work of finding identity through being alone. The longer one is alone, the more one is in tune with oneself; who they want to be. There are two sides of me; one is comfortable, expressive, and open, while the other is a perfectionist, consistent, and private. The two sides of the shirt pull on the idea of the constant struggle of being restrictive and emotional; static and rhythmic.  I wanted to make a painting, but had a hard time finding what type of material I wanted to work on. On the journey of constructing a project, I found that I just wanted to be able to express the way I see things, it wasn’t a matter of the subject I painted, but more of how I painted it. 

An explosion of emotions–fear, happiness, anger, confusion, and passion–covers the cut open side. Geometric shapes that evoke questions of what they could mean are on the closed off side.