Olga Vidaurri
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Olga Vidaurri

Olga Vidaurri




Framed Spaces, 2021

Framed Spaces places the viewer in an environment that is meant to give essence to the sensorium and to engage with cognitive dissonance. It plays with the senses of sight and sound; the sound does not pair naturally with what is seen and often contradict each other. Still, one’s inclination is to make sense of the sound in relation to the objects/subject matter causing a moment of cognitive dissonance. 

Framed Spaces is presented in a domestic setting familiar to all of us and explores the trope of the frame within the frame often used in experimental cinema. The  initial scene is in a bathroom with hanging frames above a bathtub. Then it moves into a wall of frames where we see different body parts from a foot, a mouth, an eye etc. They move delicately into the frames and wriggle in space. They give representations of the senses and allude to our reliance on them to navigate our surroundings.


Famed Spaces from Olga Vidaurri on Vimeo.