Jesus Chavez
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Jesus Chavez

Jesus Chavez




Yarned Me, 2021

I learned a lot about two artists in particular these last two years, Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Mickalene Thomas. They both made work about the personal and were not afraid to show who they really are. I took this insight as an inspiration to make a self portrait for this exhibition. This work explores my relationship with my mother. It touches on the unconditional love mothers have for their children. For example, my mother has always mentioned to me and my siblings about the importance of handmade things. She said it was therapeutic for her to crochet. We grew up seeing our mother crochet our clothes, and this prompted me to try and make my own clothes as a self-portrait using the technique of crocheting. I made a crochet mask, two sleeves, and swatches that cover the torso and the back of the sculpture. The arm, leg, and torso area are all plaster casts of my body. I wanted to replicate the action of my mother clothing us with crocheted clothes, and mirror it onto my body. I now have this time stamp of my body with this work.