Christina Kang
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Christina Kang

Christina Kang




Intersectionality, 2021

Our happiest moments, our saddest moments, our privileges, and our disadvantages – our experience – make us who we are. Everyone experiences life differently, but underneath those experiences, there are reasons behind our decisions. This describes the concept behind Intersectionality. Everyone has their own unique intersections that make them, them. No two people are the same. 

Using color, this painting is an expression of intersectionality based on my time in college. Having been the time where I gained more independence, college has been a significant intersection in my life. The three primary colors, depicted in the circles, represent the advantages of my college years: love (red), identity (blue), and school (yellow). The multicolored triangles, layered on top of the spirals, represent disadvantages. For instance, the intersection of fear reminded me of a light green. Each element of the painting, however, is left to the interpretation of the viewer, giving everyone a unique experience upon viewing. 

The spinning adds an extra level to this experience. While it spins, with different advantages and disadvantages occupying different spaces in the painting, the piece becomes a different type of medium. The kinetics are a reminder that our intersections are dynamic, always moving inside us. Through my personal intersectionalities, I hope people will reflect on their own intersections. What makes you, you?