Alejandra Rojas
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Alejandra Rojas

Alejandra Rojas




Anxiety Mark, 2021

In a world full of terrors, maintaining a normal life can be difficult. Psychological anxiety is imprinted on the brain in the case of phobias, serving as a regular warning to the sufferer. With the complexity of psychological fears at large, it becomes almost difficult to understand. Post-it notes are used to act as reminders. Anxiety Mark is a game that uses 3×3 yellow post-it notes to expose irrational phobias about a person, an animal, an action, or a situation. However, similar to post-it notes, over time phobias can be disregarded. The use of black ink is intended to evoke emotions such as sadness and anger through its symbolism of mystery and force. The pain of victims suffering from particular phobias is shown by interpreting phobias by illustration. The victims are forced to be reminded of the pain they experience on a daily basis when they see their specific phobia. Some may be affected, others may not. Through the messy stacks of ink-drawn post-its, Anxiety Mark demonstrates the dramatic scares that the earth offers.