Adam Denny
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Adam Denny

Adam Denny



Still Life, 2021

This work represents visual dimension and human perspective within a flat digital space. The harmony of nature in this piece is blemished by the reality of humanity. This tension of forms is an explicit observation of our environment. Even in the most preserved areas, there are still perpetual traces of human life. This experience of observing and understanding the landscape represents the feelings of inspiration, awe, and occasional disgust that I felt when crossing it. Today, natural debris is overshadowed by human debris. This waste is our undeniable legacy.

What life thrives here is emboldened  by its hostile surroundings. Very few flora and fauna are meant to survive in this type of desolate territory. Only the barren heat can birth the beautiful cactus. This duality of forms provides a visual perspective. One cannot exist without the other. The California desert is my home, and the home of my work. Nature has been an unspoken teacher in my life. The interpretation of my natural surroundings helps me to better understand myself in the process.  This is my experience of quiet and calming observation. Each subject revisits my own personal encounter with the life, material, and artifacts of the desert.