Nick Herman
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Nick Herman



Nick Herman is an artist and writer in Los Angeles. He makes work in a diverse range of media, including photography, sculpture and sound as well as drawing and books. Recent projects include Me Has Eschuchado? at Casa Wabi (2021) and the curated exhibition Bounty at Grice Bench (2018). Solo exhibitions include URANANTENNA (2017) and Hide at Artist Curated Projects (2016). His writing has been published in X-tra, The Third Rail, and diSONARE as well as recent commissioned catalog essays for Ugo Rondinone and Candida Hofer.

Herman’s diverse practice is focused on the material embodiments of technology, distilling meaning from process-based mediums and oft-overlooked ecological resonances such as background noise, in order to highlight the traumatic residue that defines Western society’s relationship with “nature” and the indelible traces technology has left on both the body and the land. His sculptures and mixed media photographs often resemble proto-machines, appearing as devices or interfaces or ongoing experiments.